We talk a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) here, and no doubt we’ll talk about it much more in the future. It’s a huge, complex subject, with ever-changing advanced concepts and long-standings basics.

Biz Ladies just posted a fantastic introduction to DIY SEO for those of you that want to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Using a fictional bakery as an example, they will walk you through the bare bones you need to understand to get started, and dispel some popular but damaging myths. And even at its most basic, you’ll still find there’s a ton to learn from this article.

Although it’s been some years since I originally recommended this article, it still holds up and is a wonderful introduction to getting started with SEO.

So whether you’re a Biz Lady or a Biz Gentleman, head over to Biz Ladies SEO cheat sheet.

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