Dill purchased the Women With Moxie Network from its original founder in 2012, with big dreams of expanding the network and making it into a place where like-minded women could come together, make friends, and grow their businesses.

But over time, she came to understand that this was a bigger undertaking than she originally understood. The Women With Moxie website that had been part of her purchase of the organization was experiencing code rot, which means that without maintenance, crucial functionality was decaying, and essential features like retrieving lost passwords or creating logins and profiles for new members was becoming unreliable – or not working at all, forcing Dill to perform all of these tasks by hand each time a member ran into problems with self-service. That meant that every new person who joined the network created a ton of extra work for Dill, and that workload was increasing all the time.

But Dill didn’t just want to repair and maintain what was. She had big dreams for her networking group, and wanted to take it from a handful of chapters in the states into an international organization, connecting bad ass business women all over the globe. In her vision, it could even function as a franchise model, with new chapters buying in to the network and gaining access to the suite of online tools and social networking she wanted to provide them.

That’s where we came in, rebuilding the existing membership and profile system, and expanding it with custom twists on many old ideas, such as messaging systems that allow for curated introductions between members, an affiliate program that lets Moxie members earn money by enrolling new members, an event publicity and registration system, tight integration with Active Campaign, e-commerce of unique digital products, and soon, something Dill is calling Moxie Academy. The site is a blend of custom code for Women With Moxie’s custom needs, and integration with WordPress for the more routine page creation and blogging needs. For the design of the site, we worked with design studios Sacred Fire Creative and Cogflower Creative.

Now, Women with Moxie has members in multiple countries, the site works smoothly and is ever improving, and many of the tasks that previously took Dill away from idea-generation and promotion are automated through the site. We look forward to working with Dill over the coming years as she leads the network in bold new directions, and supporting her vision through our code.

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