I created the plugin Simple Testimonials plugin to make it easy peasy for my clients to manage all the nice things that their customers and clients said about them. They’ve loved it so much, I’ve decided to make it available to the world.

When you install it, you will gain a new section in your wordpress admin where you can easily create and manage all your testimonials. It’s extremely similar to creating a new post or page. Just go to the testimonial section, click “Add new”, and follow the on-screen prompts. That’s it. When you’re done, you can get a random testimonial to display each time a page loads with the handy included widget, or the shortcode “testimonial”.

You can customize how many testimonials show at a time, limit long testimonials to a maximum character length, and assign the testimonials to categories.

If at any point you get confused, a manual for use is included directly in the WordPress interface.

This plugin deliberately employs extremely minimal default styling, to make it fit in with any WordPress theme you care to use.

Download the plugin »

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