This was a project undertaken in collaboration with Online& Comprehensive Web and Mobile Solutions

OTTO brooklyn is a funky yet elegant boutique located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, that sells lingerie, swimwear, clothing and accessories. Among them are items adorned with one of a kind silk paintings by the artist Annette Englander.

As a cost effective method of promoting this unique line, OTTO brooklyn and Online& designed OTTO cards, free e-cards featuring Annette Englander’s artwork to send to friends and family.

It was a this point that I was brought into the project, and given photoshop images of how they wanted each step in the card creation process to look. I took those designs and converted them into a working web site, from entering your information to the final sending of the card. I carefully scrubbed every text input point so that it’s impossible to send malicious data through the e-cards, added a simple challenge question to prevent the e-card system from ever being used for spam, and even added interactive touches such as the card appearing to open when it’s received.

I also wrote the function library and designed the database with modularity in mind, so that it could be easily linked up to a pre-existing control panel. This allowed the owner of OTTO brooklyn to easily upload new images of paintings, without having to know anything about code or learn a new system.

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