The Oregon Cheese Guild was about to launch a new interactive campaign called the Oregon Cheese Trail, aimed at introducing consumers to the wonders of Oregon cheese through dairy tourism and discovering local artisan cheese makers they never knew about right in their own backyards. Because the campaign was expected to receive a great deal of media attention, the Oregon Cheese Guild decided to capitalize on the opportunity and redo their website from top to bottom.

In concert with our design partners at Cafe Noir Arts, we tackled the challenge of presenting cheese as both an important part of Oregon’s heritage and traditions, as well as a grand adventure.

The design is very textured, with natural paper fibers, wood boards as from a barn, rivers and forests from the pacific northwest, and vintage details. They aim to evoke a spirit of exploration, adventure, craft, and a strong sense of the Pacific Northwest.

The homepage greets visitors with a slider styled to look like a vintage postcard from the great state of Oregon, used to showcase cheese photos, event announcements and the latest cheese news. There’s more cheese news than you’d think — Oregon cheese makers just keep on winning awards!

Buttons and headers use language that echoes our theme of exploration and adventure, but are coupled with vintage details to harken back to the highly traditional nature of Oregon cheese.

Some pages have very specific purposes, and needed designs tailored to their content. For example, the contact page has gently shaded text inputs, a matching submit button, and another scrap of digital paper laying on top of the main page.

This new Oregon Cheese Guild site plays home to the centerpiece of the Oregon Cheese Trail Campaign. To distinguish this area as a special feature, a ribbon element was introduced across the top of the page. This section begins with an interactive map allowing a cheese tourist to choose a region of Oregon to learn more about. A random selection of cheese makers in the area are featured, but they can find all the great cheese themed events and eateries in a handy listing for each area.

Cheese tourists with especially discerning palettes can also search for specific types of cheeses in their area, and be introduced to the cheese makers who produce that type of cheese nearby.

The Cheese trail also incorporates educational elements, for classrooms that want to learn more about Oregon’s cheese heritage and cheese-adventurers who love to learn as the follow the Cheese Trail. To whet their appetite, the footer contains a Cheese 101 box on every page of the site, containing interesting cheese facts and an invitation to learn more.

So far, the new Oregon Cheese Guild site has been winning praise from cheese makers and media outlets alike.

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