As part of their major consumer re-branding (that we were also involved in) the Oregon Cheese Guild wanted to create a special social network where businesses that needed large quantities of high quality cheeses could network with the extremely talented and creative Cheese Guild Members.

Specially sought out through the nation as some of the most unique and distinct cheeses in the states, Oregon Cheese is consistently award winning. However, its membership tends to focus their time on creating artisan cheese, not networking and marketing themselves. Many also choose to keep their contact details quite close to their chest out of privacy concerns, making it hard for them to be found and contacted online by chefs or wholesalers seeking out cheese for their establishments in other states.

To address this problem, we created the Oregon Cheese Connection. This is a gated social network — only businesses that have been reviewed by the Oregon Cheese Guild as both legitimate, established and likely to be serious cheese purchasers are allowed to create accounts. On the other side, Oregon Cheese Guild members are provided with cheese maker accounts. Using a few simple tools, they can create stunning marketing profiles to interest those vetted potential buyers.

The system allows them to add multiple styles of cheese to their profile, specifying variety and milk type. Then, businesses can search using a combination cheese variety, milk variety, or even flavor or other attributes like hard or soft cheese, to connect with a supplier that exactly matches their needs.

To help otherwise busy cheese makers keep on top of their marketing, they are provided with a selection of easy to understand metrics for how they are performing in terms of inquiries and closed deals, plus reminders, tips and encouragement to improve their online marketing savvy.

The result? More business for privacy-minded cheese makers, and more Oregon Cheese being consumed by happy diners across the United States.

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