Networking is most effective with consistent follow up. But, if you network with any regularity, that can mean hundreds of people you need to remember to contact months – or even years – after you first met.

And that’s why we built NurtureMy.Biz.

This is a business card I received at a recent meeting.

I’m going to make a note that I met with this person, and what we talked about.

Since this is the first time I’ve entered an interaction with Sally, I choose how often I want to follow up, and make a quick note about who introduced us.

Now I’ll receive a customized follow-up plan straight to my inbox every week, that takes into account the days I work and how much time I have available to do followup and still get everything else done.

I can see at a glance where my referrals are coming from and what networking events are paying off for me

Plus, tons of other features and resources aimed to make referral based marketing easier and more profitable for busy business owners.

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