Following the success of the hit online series The Guild, Felicia Day and her fellow producers founded Geek & Sundry, an internet community centered around the original web content that they produce on the subject of comics, games, books, hobbies and more.

Although they had an existing website when they contacted us, they had big plans for expanding it to include a new section that featured Vloggers – that’s Video Bloggers – and to run a contest that would help them select those twenty fresh new fan faces to feature.

But Geek & Sundry is a busy and ever-evolving production company, with new shows, new contests, new community discussions and new ideas to try every month. From Video Blog beginnings, our relationship expanded to helping them with everything from creating new sections to house new content, redesigning the homepage to more effectively show off their work, upgrading the forums to better facillitate community discussion, changing the ways in which comments are posted on videos to create more buzz, and even re-programming the site to look better and load faster on mobile devices.

Usually working alongside the graphic designer on Geek & Sundry’s own staff, we’ve helped to gradually re-imagine nearly every part of the Geek & Sundry website, and look forward to helping it evolve for years to come.

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