Gaia Couture is an organic women’s clothing boutique in the heart of Portland, Oregon, offering striking silhouettes in cotton, bamboo, wool, and other natural and recycled fabrics.

After undergoing a design process with our partner, Cafe Noir Arts, to nail down their brand guidelines from logo to the colors they used on their hang tags, Gaia Couture set its sights on an online store front that would match the charm of its brick and mortar location.

In concert with Cafe Noir Arts, we helped them to achieve just that. The Gaia Couture website features ample white space to let the clothing speak for itself, but incorporates ambiance-setting design touches to let the site match the feeling of the brick and mortar store.

In fact, the mauve and ivory colors in use on the site were sampled directly from the paint colors in the shop, and the bright pink was found in one of the paintings hanging in the shop! The dark brown in the footer helps to ground the page, but also echoes the awning outside the store itself.

A subtle vine pattern, modeled after those painted on the walls of the store, help to create that touch of French boutique style and femininity while also referencing the Earth and nature; things that Gaia Couture is all about!

Fonts were kept simple, classic, and above all, readable.

The homepage welcomes shoppers with an image slider that showcases the community and style of Gaia Couture, highlighting their frequent events and strong roots to their community. Beneath, a section for new arrivals — to break up the grid feeling that is so common to the homepages of e-commerce sites, we made the most recent new arrival much larger than its siblings. This adds visual interest to Gaia’s offerings, and lets new items make a splash.

The next section on the homepage is best sellers, showcasing the products that are known to make visitors most excited when visitors first arrive. This section doesn’t have the large featured image within it, so that taken as a whole, the page has an easy flow for the eye to follow with a primary section, a secondary section, and a tertiary section, denoted by both their order on the page and the space that they occupy.

All three sections work well in the same grid structure, so they feel related, but because all three sections involve different sizes, they don’t feel repetitive, helping Gaia Couture’s homepage to always feel fresh and still getting the job done of selling clothes.

Overall, the site is simple and sophisticated, and creates an inviting and easy to use place for Gaia’s customers to purchase from anywhere.

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