Line of Action offers drawing practice tools, free of charge, to support the artistic community and self-educating artists all over the world. These tools have been a smash hit for close to a decade, with many thousands of art students accessing them daily, and universities and high schools all over the world adopting them into their official curriculums.

Unfortunately, the code base for the drawing tools and the site’s look had been growing modly over the years. It was time for a change.

Here at PIXELovely, we managed the rebranding process, creating a new logo, color set and typography that we used to transform the site from crusty to sleek, modern, and eye-catching.

We also re-created the tools with a new code base that allowed us to update the user interface for a better practice experience and to add many of the most requested features that Line of Action students had been clamoring for for years, and allowing for faster updates in the future.

Students are able to select what sort of models they want to practice with. They then decide whether they want to be shown a slideshow of models in set time increments until they hit the stop button, or if they want to take a class. Class modes run for pre-defined lengths of time. The most commonly selected class is about an hour long, and consists of 30 second warm-up drawings that gradually transition into longer and longer drawings, following the same format as figure drawing classes found in leading art schools around the world.

If a student is ever presented with a pose they don’t care for, they can use the built-in controls to skip forward or back, pause, or quit the class at any time.

The site also features a learning section of articles on anatomical information, drawing techniques, spotlights on other students to provide inspiration and encouragement, and reviews of books and other resources that can help a self-educating artist climb the learning curve.

There’s also a community forum, where students can share their progress, seek advice, find ideas for new practice projects that they can assign themselves, and learn from the experience of others in the community.

The site, including the drawing tools, is fully mobile responsive, and can be used on phones and tablets just as well as on desktop computers.

The site is supported through voluntary donations, so an emphasis on supporting the tools and explaining how the money helps was central to the design.

Early feedback on this site redesign has been overwhelmingly positive. Line of Action is looking forward to many more years of practicing drawing with its wonderful community.

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