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Clear Memorials was a Portland start up with a bold new idea — because funeral homes offer such a tangle of packages and special pricing, it can be nearly impossible to do an apples to apples price comparison between them. More than that, most grief stricken families do not have the energy or presence of mind to do serious price comparisons, simply going with whatever funeral home is closest to them.

And so Clear Memorials was born, a concierge service that walked a person through making decisions about burial options and every other detail associated with laying a family member to rest, right from the comfort of their own home. By answering some simple questions, they received suggestions for putting together a personalized funeral. Their needs were then compiled, and sent out as a request for pricing from local funeral homes.

Funeral homes that were vetted and cleared to participate in Clear Memorial’s trusted network could enter their pricing on the site and choose to have their prices sent in response automatically, or could customize their bid should the family in question be asking for something that fell in line with one of their specials or packages that allowed for discounted pricing.

From the comfort of their own homes, grieving families could then compare pricing on exactly the same funeral as offered by multiple funeral homes in their area, and make a well researched decision during one of the most emotional times of life.

To facilitate this process, PIXELovely wrote custom software that allowed for consumer, provider and administrative accounts, giving each account type the tools that it needed to  easily complete their profiles or their funeral planning. Effectively, we created a from-scratch online concierge service. In concert with Cafe Noir Arts, we also designed not just for general ease of use, but with an eye to making things so easy to use and see that the site was eventually certified as User and Elder friendly by the accessibility watchdog Elders In Action.

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