Ann Nickerson Landscape Design was suffering from a website that was nearly seven years out of date. It ranged from cumbersome to impossible to update and didn’t work on mobile devices.

Through her marketing efforts, Ann knew that her target market was strongly influenced by photography of her past projects, so we set out to create a site that leveraged photos convincingly.

To greet visitors and create a spectacular first impression, we created a collage of landscape images. It is polished, unexpected, and its architectural nature speaks to Ann’s landscape design acumen. Clicking the images in the collage brings up the full view of each particular landscape.

Glimpses into Ann’s landscape design continue throughout the site, on every page – but nowhere more so than the design gallery. Broken into categories such as large country gardens, small patio gardens, and even edible gardens, to help visitors find the type of design they’re intersted in, the gallery contains the stories of many different design projects and the photos of the results.

In dealing with text, we sought to project an impression of beauty, spaciousness, and carefully considered design.

Ann wanted to shy away from green in her site, fearing that this is an over-used color in the landscape design industry, so when it was used, it was used only with restraint and deliberateness. For the main color palette, we started with a deep burgundy in the background, and then overlaid a subtle vine texture on it. But the texture is a faint impression so that it supports rather than pulls attention from the main content.

The content background is a warm cream, and the supporting colors are neautral, so they don’t compete with either the background, Ann’s gorgeous photography, or the content.

And of course, the design flexibly adapts to being viewed on tablets and mobile screens.

Overall, we sought to create a design that was warm, vibrant, and beautiful, striking the balance between decorative and functional — just like Ann Nickerson’s landscape designs!

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