I feel it too — that burning temptation not to let a new blog sit empty, even for a day. It’s hard to resist slapping up a post that says “coming soon,” or to reprint the company mission statement.

Though these are natural temptations, and dangerously easy to fall into, these are some of the WORST ways to begin a blog:

  1. Reposting your company’s mission statement
  2. A post that says a blog will be coming soon — What happens when you miss your deadline and it still says coming soon months later?
  3. Reposting the company’s history
  4. A copy of a recent press release about a new product or service
  5. Reposting the text of your sales brochure

The common thread here? These are all YOU-centric. Yes, a blog can help establish you as a knowledge leader in your industry, but only if someone actually reads it. There’s a rule of thumb that great fiction authors live by: Show, don’t tell. It’s just as pertinent if you’re writing a business blog. If you want people to think of you as a thought leader, you’re going to have to show them that you are, not tell them.

So instead, when writing your first blog post – and every blog post thereafter – consider why someone would actually read your blog. Can you share a tip that will be helpful to your customers? Can you tell a short narrative about an innovative way you solved a problem that your readers will identify with and learn from?

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